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About me

My name is Andrea Monari, I collect, sell and repair high-end cigarette lighters.
By choice, even if I like the “new product”, I only deal with second-hand lighters, because the second-hand product has its own history; when touched, it arouses feelings that can never be felt when handling a new one, in other words it has “patina”.
My passion started a few years ago when, inspired by the memory of my mother lighting up a Muratti with her Dunhill, I decided to treat myself to one.
In a short time, fascinated by the shapes, the materials and the mechanism of these items, I began to collect them, to satisfy my aesthetic taste.
Afterwards, the urge to possess other lighters led me to sell those bought beforehand to make way for new ones, and that’s how it all started.
My field of action which was restricted to Italy at first, has expanded worldwide with time so that at present, 80% of my business is aimed at foreign markets.
In short, my work consists in finding lighters from all over the world which I consider the most interesting, importing them to Italy, repairing them and selling them. Every lighter goes through the same process of disassembly, cleaning, checking and reconditioning so as to bring it to its original working order.
The market in which I operate is that of high-end lighters produced by the best firms in the sector, such as: Dunhill, Cartier, S.T. Dupont, Caran d’Ache, Rothschild, Hermès, Celine and many others.

What I am proposing is an exciting array of pocket and table lighters, all strictly second-hand, all absolutely original and without defects among which you can choose the model which inspires you most.

Are you ready? I certainly am.